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domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

The battle of Nagashino

The battle of Nagashino took place in 1575 at Nagashino Castle in Mikawa, when the castle had been attacked and under siege by Takeda Katsuyori, and Tokugawa Ieyasu requested Oda Nobunaga to arrange the defending force as an ally. This battle is also known as Nagashino-shitaragahara-no-Takatai, named after the place where the battle took place. It is estimated that Oda-Tokugawa had their army with 18,000 warriors, while Takeda had only 6000 men. Despite the inferiority in numbers, it may have been Oda-Tokugawa's army that felt thrteatened by Takeda's calvalry, which was famous for strength in battles. To counter Takeda's cavalry, Oda-Tokugawa's army built a number of wooden stockades, setting up his gunmen to attack the Takeda cavalry in volleys. This Western-style tactic defeated Takeda's cavalry. Only 3000 of Takeda's soldiers survived, including Katsuyori. Takeda clan lost most of its generals and 7 years later, Kai, the clan's home domain was attacked by Oda's troops and the family was destroyed.

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