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domingo, 26 de abril de 2009


Momondo is the world’s best flight search engine says legendary travel writer and publisher, Arthur Frommer. He tried all major search engines in his hunt for the best airfares, and even on flights within the US, momondo comes up with cheaper prices than the well-known American sites, he says.
"Little Danish-based momondo was the winner every single time, finding fares that were 20% to 40 % less," Frommer writes in his new book, ‘Ask Arthur Frommer: And travel Better, Cheaper, Smarter’.
This book – a sort of travel encyclopedia - has instantly become a bestseller. A whopper of a travel guide – almost 500 pages – with tips and advices from the grand old man. He gives personal, accurate and often surprising guidance to everything from auto rentals and cruises, to volunteer vacations and Europe on a budget. The most important book, he has ever written, he says himself.
Here in Copenhagen we are grateful, happy and honored. So thank you, Mr Frommer. From the whole team of canny Danes.

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