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domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Takeda Shingen

Takeda Shingen Takeda Shingen kept devout faith on Suwa-taisha, therefore he always wore war helmets, named “Sussahossho-no-Kahuto”, to which name of Suwa-Myojin were attached on its front part. It is reported that in the battles, he used war banners related to Suwa-Myojin. as well as his well-known “Fu-Rin —Ka-Zan” banner. That fact shows that Shingen had worshiped Suwa-Myojin as the god of war. In 1952. Shingen defeated Suwa Yorishige, ho had governed Susa district and served in Suwa-Taisha. After the fight it was him that gave protection and patronage to the shrine. Shingen eventually achieved subjugation of all Shinano region by winning battles against prominent generals in that area, He fought live times against Uesugi Kcnshin at Kawanaka-jima. Some Jyorun and Kabuki playing handed down the stories about the hostility between Shingen and Kenshin and told us that they fought each other, since Kenshin took Shingen’s family treasure, “Suwa-hossho-no-Kabuto” and never returned,

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