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viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

we love japan

About Us
Site Description
We have created this site to act as a blog-based reservoir of information, entertainment, and news on the more interesting aspects of Japan. Some of the material we post will be of our own original creation, and some of it will be submitted by others or linked from other sites on the net.
Some of the stuff we post may shock or offend certain people. We haven’t created this site to bash Japan or spread false stereotypes about the Japanese. The content of this site does not necessarily reflect our personal opinions. Our goal is to create a site that allows users to read interesting things about Japan.
[We are not on the payroll of any political organizations, nor do we have some secret political agenda.]
Since its founding in 2006, Japan Probe has become the most popular English language blog about Japan news and entertainment. News stories broken on this blog regularly appear on popular blogs such as BoingBoing, Engadget, and Neatorama. Mainstream media organizations (Chicago Sun Times, Bloomberg, Cnet, the Telegraph, El País, and more) have used posts on this site as source material for articles. The readers of
the Wilson Quarterly has also cited us. Japan Probe was also recently named one of 10 Best Japan Blogs for English Speakers by blogs.com.
James (Editor-in-Chief)
Location: Kanto, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: The founder and editor-in-chief of Japan Probe. His hobby is reading and posting on blogs, and he’s terribly addicted to it. Once an English teacher, he is now up to other things…
Location: Saga, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: Webcomic artist, Graphic Designer, and man about town. Clay is one of the many English Teachers imported to Japan every year. He lives in rural Japan, where it is quite cozy. You can see his more slice-of-life side at
his personal blog, where he tells about what life is like, and tries to keep his blog from looking like every other English teacher in Japan’s blog.
Location: Yamanashi, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: David is a pretty long term resident of Japan. He resides in a very secluded parcel of reclaimed mountain forest in Yamanashi Pref. He is currently occupied with farming type activities, managing distressed properties, and teaches part-time.
Location: Kobe, JapanNationality: CalifornianBio: Nestled in the mountains of Kobe overlooking the sea, Brent spends his time reading useless information, writing short stories, and fantasizing about being a decent photographer. He can also be found floating around
konbini-life.com and chopsticksensei.com if he isn’t stuffing his face with chocolate or Kobe Beef.
Location: Tokyo, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: When Jon isn’t hanging out in Kabukicho or Akiba, you can find him cycling all over Japan and Asia.
Brandon Pittman
Location: Nagoya, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: Brandon lives and works, and studied abroad in Nagoya, Japan. Still a junior high school teacher, he’s looking to do other things in Japan. When he isn’t hitting up the open-air market in Osu, he can be found hitting up the oji-chan izakaya near Higashi Betsuin.
Anton Soeharyo
Location: Tokyo, JapanNationality: IndonesianBio: Born in Jakarta, capital of the world largest Muslim nation, Anton is a third generation Chinese-Indonesian who is very proud of his roots and country.
Feeling very lucky to be able to sleep surrounded by books and paper assignments, Anton just cannot get enough of education. After Finishing his double degree at Waseda University (Japan) and Peking University(China), He found himself a reason to extend his stay in Japan by enrolling for a Master Degree at his Alma mater.
Anton has a corny and weird sense of humour, a passion for Karaoke, a fetish for foreign languages and an obsession for good sushi. He enjoys littering and jay-walking around Tokyo with his friends, and managed to complete the JR Yamanote line by foot.
Apart from blaming himself for constantly procrastinating his homework, which result in his struggle to meet his papers deadline, he can be found
blogging and managing his webhosting company.
Location: NagoyaNationality: Winnipegger
JJ, shockingly, teaches English, but would prefer to do other things (shockingly). So he writes songs or comedy or the occasional theological treatise. Sometimes he tries to combine all of them. This is most easily observed at
Location: Saitama, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: He owns and operates a language school with two partners in Saitama City, Saitama.
His is a story that’s heard all too often: he was only going to stay in Japan for a year, but then he met a girl, got married, settled down, and woke up one morning twenty years later to find himself still here.
It all started long ago, back in California. He was slowly but surely advancing toward a comfortable but bland middle class existence in his home town of Santa Barbara, when he read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and decided to see the world. He eventually washed up on Japan’s green shores and is now living a comfortable but bland life here instead.
His hobbies include reading, watching movies, and staring blankly at the wall muttering to himself, “Well, how did I get here?”
Location: Gifu, JapanNationality: BritishBio: After 10 years of teaching English, Nick moved to the mountains of Gifu to raise a family, watch over social bookmarking site
JapanSoc.com, and drink Chorus Water.
Location: Sendai, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: Once a UNC Tar Heel, Evan somehow got caught in a Miami Hurricane and landed in Japan. He is a freelance photographer that when he is not getting lost trying to photograph Japan and it’s people, spends his time teaching English to high school students. If you like his photos, check out his
shop and galleries or his travel blog Japan Photo Guide.
Jason Schindler
Location: Saitama, JapanNationality: AmericanBio:
Location: Osaka, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: Pamela’s Japan Experience has pretty much run the gamut of Gaijin Life Possibilities: she started out with a certain government-sponsored organization, served her time in a “conversation school,” landed a cushy job at a secondary education institution, and finally managed to graduate to full OL-status at a Japanese company. You can also thank her for editing out Engrish gems akin to “All your base are belong to us” and “You spoony bard!” from all your favorite next-gen games. Pamela simultaneously sez: “ur welcome” and “sorry d00dz” for this fact.
Laurence Hewitt
Location: New York CityNationality: New YorkerBio: Once a resident of Kokubunji, Larry now lives the Japanese life on the streets of Manhattan. An executive web producer for a large publishing conglomerate by day, by night Larry still studies Japanese language, history, culture and current events. Larry travels to Japan annually. And he just can’t seem to get enough mochi.
Location: Hakata, JapanNationality: AmericanBio: Deas is a young gun fresh on the Japan blogosphere, and it still shows. He is currently living, working, and
Rocking in Hakata - in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea. That’s right, he is lucky enough to live in the middle of the Aegean of the East. His interests include blogging, photography, engaging discussions, music, Japanese language acquisition, and meandering around Hakatajima when bored. If you see him, snap him out of it and send him on his way.
Location: Saitama, JapanNationality: AustralianBio: Tony came to Japan from Melbourne 8 years ago to teach for the same company most did. After having made a group of special and important friends it became harder and harder to leave this country. He has continued to work for the same company through all the trouble and has, in this time, discovered 2 things: An interest in writing and an ability to live on no money and not lose a single ounce of weight.
Location: Kyushu, JapanNationality: BritishBio: A British born expatriate with a troubled past and more questions than answers. Sent kicking and screaming to Japan by some evil creature called Clair and forced to teach inbred slack jawed hicks of Kyushu the queen’s English in the dead centre of nowhere. Please do not approach, he frightens easily.
Ted has too much free time.
Location: Yokohama, JapanNationality: BritishBio: A maverick employee at a disreputable, four-letter-named language school in the suburbs of Yokohama. When he’s not roaming the streets, seeking out idiosyncratically odd Japanese adventures, Roaf spends his evenings painting, writing scripts, or composing diatribes in his minuscule apartment.
Location: Tokyo, JapanNationality: AustralianBio: Notoriousruz is back in Tokyo where he has learned to bow by ducking through doorways. His motto is: video-a-go-go.
Privacy Policy
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