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sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

Feudal Japan in internet

A Hotlist on Life in Feudal Japan An Internet Hotlist on Life in Feudal Japan
IntroductionThe goal of this activity is to allow students to study and present one social group from feudal Japan. There are three key questions your group must answer.
1) Who were these people?
2) What did they do?
3) How important were they to feudal life?
The Internet Resources
Images of Artisan work
General Information
Basic Info - Lots of links
Social Pyramid - Every groups should check this out
The Structure of Feudal Japan
Early Life - Background info on social classes
Photo of a Garden
Japanese Women - All social classes
Glossary of Japanese Terms
Japanese Gardens
Tokugawa Museum
Japanese Family System - Give good background information
17th Century Travel - This talks about all groups
Great Site - A must see!
Info on every social group
Japan Culture and History - Gives good detail on the social pyramid.
Court Nobles & Samurai
Samurai 1 - Lots of other links
Tea Ceremony - Good for Nobles or Samurai
Samurai Archives - Tons of links
Samurai Archives - Tons of links
Samurai and Ronin - Great site, a must see!
Origins of the Samurai
Calligraphy and Flower Arrangement - Some photos and definitions
Calligraphy - A how to site
Nobles - Good info on noble women too!
Bushido - The way of the warrior
Photo of Court Nobles
Info on Samurai
Info on Daimyo - These were part of the court nobles
Computer drawing of a Samurai
Pesants & Zen Monks/Nuns
Pesant Info - Check this out and you must present what a 'Nengu' is.
Zen Monks - Read through this page on the 'others' and at the bottom they talk about Zen priests, which could be part of your presentation.
Zen: A to Zen - Frequently asked questions about Zen
Definition of Zen
Info on Pesants
Peasant Revolts
Nuns (Bikuni) - Read the bottom paragraphs and they foucus on the Nuns.
Photo of a Zen Monk
Zen Nuns today
History of Zen Nuns - A must read
History of Zen Monks
Artisans & Merchants
Merchants and Artisans - Craftsmen and artisans are the same thing. You must present what percentage of the population they were. Also find out about what they did for entertainment.
Info on Artisans
Info on Merchants
Modern Photo of Samurai Armour
Drawings made of Merchants from 1800s
Artisans - An interactive map that shows how crafts were made

Burakumin & Ainu
Ainu - Basic info and links
Burakumin are also called Eta or Hinin - You must tell the difference between an Eta and a Hinin. Great info here.
Burakumin Info
Photo of Ainu
Ainu House
Ainu Museum - A must use for this group
Burakumin Info
Burakumin - Good background info
Burakumin Website
Ninja Weapons
History of the ninja
Ninja Tools
Ninja Clothing
Ninja Fighting Styles
History of Ninja
Ninja Background - Contains info on religion and history
Ninja - A must see


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