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martes, 16 de junio de 2009

Sculpture's oda Nobunaga

A Daimyou, meanwhile reputed as a revolutionist, Oda Nobunaga is the strongest general of the Atsuchi Momoyama Era.Nobunaga in the statue is dressed in his favorite Nanban Kabuto and is holding a matchlock for the reason that Nobunaga is famous for his outstanding ability in gun-using and that matchlock was a typical gun at that time. The mantle Nobunaga wears is not only a decoration for visual purpose but also a symbol of western culture. Nobunaga is also well-known for his cruelness to his rivals. As good examples, Nobunaga killed all the Buddhist priests in the Hiei Mountain (Kyoto) who had great authority over the Household at that time by setting a fire there. For this reason, we created Nobunaga with a mask on his face to infer his impersonality. (Despite of the mask, you can still sense Nobunaga's triumphant expression on his face.)* Nanban Kabuto: A kind of European armor which chest and helmet are made from a whole piece of thick iron plate. Protuberance in the middle of the chest can protect attacks of matchlocks and bullets. Together with the Shikoro (hood), Haidate (knee protector) and Tekou (hand protector) of traditional Japanese armor, Nanban Kabuto was the most effective protector in the Warring State Period. Size: 1/4 scale H51x W34x D46cm(base included)Weight: 600gMaterial: epoxy resin, polyester (FRP), etc. Base: woodAccompaniment: special acrylic caseRelease Time: made-to-order (2 months)

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